Online Giving

Your 100% tax deductible monthly contribution gives us a dependable base of support.

$25 provides school supplies for a child participating in one of our programs.

$50 provides diapers to a parent living in our domestic violence shelter.

$100 provides a start-up home kit for a domestic violence survivor.

$500 provides a plane ticket for a survivor fleeing abuse.

$1000 supports a survivor moving to permanent housing with their family.

The Issue

4 times

Children and adults with disabilities are four times more likely to be abused then those without disabilities.


In the NYC metropolitan area, women with a disability earn on average nearly $9,000 less than women without disabilities, and $16,000 per year less than men without a disability.


The number of outreaches done by BFL’s Secret Garden team in 2018. The team also offered 2,339 face to face session to survivors of domestic violence.




Helping People with Disabilities Help Themselves

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Our agency continues to provide services and support for survivors of domestic violence with disabilities during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More »