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 Liam Chan Hodges, a government major at Franklin and Marshall college, took on the role of summer intern in BFL’s Communication Department this year. Before heading back to campus he shared with us some highlights. 

BFL: What was one particular highlight of your internship?
Liam: Successfully creating an eye-catching and decently well visited Instagram page (check it out at  instagram ) that authentically portrayed the incredible work that BFL does.

BFL: What is something that inspired you during the internship?
Liam: For me the most inspiring thing was seeing and sharing pictures of the children, whose lives BFL has changed. Though I worked remotely and never got the chance to meet these incredible children, I could tell through their smiling pictures that this organization was changing their lives for the better.

BFL: What is one thing you will take into the school year with you, that you didn’t expect?
Liam: A far greater knowledge of both the impact of nonprofits and the amount of work that goes into running such organizations.
BFL: What did you learn most about yourself?
Liam: I learned that I have the skills and ability to take on a future job in the realm of non-profits and that perhaps entering such a realm, would be an action that I would find extremely satisfying.
BFL: What’s up for you this coming year?
Liam: I will be studying government, working to build my own publication, and working to promote diversity on campus.

In addition to writing profile stories for the Barrier Free Living New Visions blog this summer, Liam’s has appeared in Study Breaks and elsewhere. He will graduate in 2019.

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