May 23, 2018 Domestic Violence and Disabilities 8 Comments


Barrier Free Living’s Deaf Services team works with survivors of domestic violence at Secret Garden, our community based domestic violence program and Freedom House, our domestic violence crisis shelter.

The Deaf Services team includes deaf, ASL fluent social workers and case managers. All services are free and confidential for women and men ages 16 and over who have experienced emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse.

Services include counseling, case management, advocacy, and referrals to legal, medical and emergency resources including food, clothing and vocational services.

For more information, please call the Barrier Free Living Deaf Services at (646) 807-4013.


  1. Jake 4 years Reply

    I am looking for speaking with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing or ASL user who can help me with my situation which had bad experience with someone toxin and manipulated in my life since I was high school for many years.

    I wonder who I can reach at direct this person at videophone or other video call I can have talked with.

    • Barrier Free Living 4 years Reply

      Please reach out to our deaf services team at (646) 807-4013.

  2. Syherene Metzler 4 years Reply

    Hi my name is syherene and I’m wondering does you guys have money management classes for Deaf Adults.

    • Barrier Free Living 4 years Reply

      We do have that sort of thing at our secret garden program please reach out to our deaf services team at (646) 807-4013

  3. Susan Dietzel 4 years Reply

    Good Morning,

    I am working on a project funded by the New York State Office of Victim Services to enhance access to civil legal services for victims of crime. We have developed the following online resource: NY Crime Victims Legal Help . The resource was developed with attention to victims of different types of crimes and with the understanding that crime victims cut across all races, ethnicities, ages, income levels etc. With our current funding, we would like to enhance the website to ensure that it is responsive to the civil legal needs of those who are deaf/heard of hearing. This may mean presenting the information differently, including specific resources, adding additional content etc. We would like to learn directly from members of this population about how this resource can be most responsive to their needs.

    Would you be willing to help connect me with individuals in the deaf/hard of hearing community who may be willing to speak with me? I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    Thank you,

    Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel, PhD
    Senior Research Scientist
    SUNY Albany Center for Human Services Research
    Richardson Hall, Room 314A
    135 Western Avenue
    Albany, NY 12203

    • Barrier Free Living 4 years Reply

      Thanks. Our team will reach out to you

  4. Yola Levy Zahler 3 years Reply

    To whom it may concern, and I think it would be a lot of support with my budget and management, and I will be contacted, my social worker and please contact us at 347-289-7625 video phone?

    I will see you in September of the middle after the high holidays and will set up an appointment with a deaf social worker.


    Yola Levy Zahler

    • Barrier Free Living 3 years Reply

      Thank you I sent an email to our deaf services team.

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