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Miss Flo, one of the original tenants of Barrier Free Living Apartments in the Bronx, was an active part of the community from the start. She  was a founding member of the garden club, and was a regular attendee of Occupational Therapy groups and workshops.In 2017, however, two strokes that came only ten days apart, landed her in the hospital.

“I was very close to death,” says Flo.

Flo recovered and returned home to BFL Apartments, hoping to pick up where she left off. But there was one big thing missing: a motorized scooter.

“I knew the scooter would give me freedom and mobility. I couldn’t move independently in the manual chair,” says Flo. “I am so thankful for my (Barrier Free Living apartments) social worker Claudine (in photo above). It was her determination and her stern voice (advocating) that got the insurance to finally approve the scooter.”

Flo is back in the garden this May, and happy to be doing things like grocery shopping again.

“There are so many things I am happy to do for myself.”

Read about Miss Flo and the garden club here. 

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