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Barrier Free Living’s Transitional Housing shelter for formerly homeless people with disabilities has launched a resident newsletter for winter 2017.

Created by the program’s Occupational Therapy department, the staff and the residents contributed to the newsletter which focuses on “overcoming challenges.”

One resident states that “to overcome challenges they must be looked at like obstacles rather than roadblocks.” The newsletter is quarterly.

Upload the PDF of the newsletter here:



  1. Elizabeth Simmons 5 years Reply

    Hello. I would like to know more about your program and whats it has to offer. Iam currently living in a transitional housing that i cant work with. Since i been at the light house ll. I dont think i have recicve the help as i should. i do have mental conditionals as …
    Biapolar Type 1
    If i dont reach the quifty please guide me in the right path where i can get help with my hosing and illnessses. Thank you

    • Barrier Free Living 5 years Reply

      please call 212 533 4358

      • Amanda Franklyn 1 year Reply

        I have a serious problem I been staying with a friend but things have been stressful lately that I keep getting headaches more frequently and I don’t like it this person wants me to come back and put up with more stuff that I don’t want to do and I’m tired

        • Barrier Free Living 1 year Reply

          Please call 212 533 4358

    • Barrier Free Living 5 years Reply

      We work with survivors of domestic violence with disabilities. Our Secret Garden program is 212 533 4358

  2. Anthony Sgarlato 3 years Reply


    I am a Peer Specialist/Advocate and I have a client in need of housing.

    Does BFL provide housing?

    Please respond.


    • Barrier Free Living 3 years Reply

      Hi thanks for reaching out. For info call 212 533 4358 or try our live chat on our website.

  3. Yerania simo 2 years Reply

    I need help finding a safe place to live. I am on disability and am about to be homeless please connect me. 917 651 8176

    • Barrier Free Living 2 years Reply

      Please call 212-533-4358. Our website also has live chat.

      • K 1 year Reply

        How do I get away from my violent husband when I am disabled, have our daughter and he will find me if I’m on a lease rent apt etc?????

        • Barrier Free Living 1 year Reply

          Please call 2112 533 4358 and our website has live chat.

  4. Katrina 11 months Reply

    Hopefully there is hope with this agency.

    • Barrier Free Living 11 months Reply

      There is! To learn more call 212 -533-4358

  5. Annette williams 7 months Reply

    I am a victim of Dv I live with mental n phscal abuse am homeless now because I had to get away on disability I need housing

    • Barrier Free Living 7 months Reply

      Please call 212 533 4358

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