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Cadwalder, Wickersham & Taft announced: This Friday, September 5, donate $10 to wear jeans to work to benefit Barrier Free Living (“BFL”).

Barrier Free Living, one of the Firm’s longstanding pro bono clients, began its groundbreaking work with people with disabilities in 1978.  Since then, BFL has gone on to work with thousands of people with disabilities, has launched several successful award-winning programs and has become a leader in working with survivors of domestic violence with disabilities.

BFL operates the only homeless shelter for the disabled in New York City with facilities to accommodate health aides.  It also owns the only accessible shelter to accommodate disabled women and disabled children who are victims of domestic violence.  BFL is currently building a supportive housing complex to serve victims of domestic violence after they leave the shelter.

This charity operates primarily with New York State and City funds which leaves it struggling to maintain its facilities and expand its services.  It’s fundraising efforts help support necessary services that the government will not pay for, so your contributions are extremely valuable.



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