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WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Barrier Free Living received the National Crime Victims’ Service Award for Professional Innovation in Victim Services at a ceremony held April 29 at Constitution Gardens National Park.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, joined by Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco, Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, and Director of the Office of Victims of Crime Kristina Rose, recognized 14 individuals, organizations, and teams for their advocacy on behalf of victims of crime. The award recipients were honored during the annual National Crime Victims’ Service Awards Ceremony.

“We are thrilled to be part of the national celebration of crime victims’ rights,” said Paul Feuerstein, president/CEO of Barrier Free Living. “On Thursday, all of the recipients shared a video and a story about their work with victims of crime.  We are among great leaders from all over the country. They appreciated the ground breaking work we have done.  We all participated in the national Candlelight Vigil Thursday afternoon. Friday, we received our award in the Constitution Gardens near the White House.  We have a terrific team here that is representing us well.”

The event honors individuals and programs whose outstanding work on behalf of crime victims merits the esteem of their colleagues in the victim services and criminal justice fields.

“Empowering and encouraging people who have been victimized to participate in our legal system is essential to justice,” said Attorney General Garland. “For the past 41 years, the Department of Justice has recognized the challenges, struggles, and achievements of crime victims and victim advocates in their efforts to secure the rights, access, and equal justice that all survivors deserve. I am pleased to congratulate this year’s honorees on their selection for these distinguished awards and extend my deepest gratitude for their continued work.”

The Innovation award recognizes individuals, programs, organizations, or teams which have developed innovative ways of funding services for crime victims, or have instituted innovative approaches for securing financial restoration for crime victims.

“The past few days have been an uplifting and inspirational experience.  We were surrounded by fearless advocates from around the country who have relentlessly advocated for rights, equity and access,” said Cynthia Amodeo, Barrier Free Living’s chief program officer.  “It is truly an honor to be recognized for our mission to support survivors of violence who are disabled and/or D/deaf.”

Barrier Free Living celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021. The agency works with survivors of domestic violence with disabilities at its shelter and programs.
National Crime Victims’ Services Award Video 


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