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Edward Solis, who originates from Lima, Peru brings a wealth of business and personal experience to his new position as bookkeeper at Barrier Free Living. We had a chat with

Edward about what attracted him to BFL and what he hopes to achieve at the agency.

BFL: What were you doing prior to working at Barrier Free Living?

Edward: I worked in a small accounting firm. I took care of some properties of one of the partners of the firm. I did bank reconciliation, journal entries, financial statements.

BFL: Did you grow up in NYC?

Edward: I didn’t grew up in the USA. I came to NYC 15 years ago because I have a brother that used to live here. I was born in Chile but grew up in Lima-Peru.My family moved there when I was very small.

BFL: How did you find out about BFL and what drew you to apply?

Edward: I answered an ad, that’s how it all started.  The feeling of helping others makes me feel good. To make other people feel happy, makes me happy.When I got the first and second interview I found out more about this organization, it made me want to be part of this team.

BFL: What do you hope to learn or in what way may you grow working here?

Edward: I did work for private companies, where you have to help to make profits for the owners. Working for a non-profit is new to me. Also, being part of a bigger organization on the accounting team feels good. To know you are working to make people’s lives better or help them to improve their life condition is something wonderful. I just finished school in the Winter of 2015 so this is good experience.  I keep learning and new challenges are a constant reminder that there is so much to learn and ways to keep growing as a professional and a human being.

BFL: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Edward: I go to the gym. It doesn’t only keep me in shape but also and more importantly it gets rid of my stress, it’s good for my body and makes me feel more energetic and happy. I also watch movies and news at home. Sometimes I read or go to the opera or to see a Broadway show.

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