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Barrier Free Living’s Freedom House team held a bake-off as a community building way to honor October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Staff members from various departments donated a freshly baked pastry, which was judged by co-workers. There were seven “delicious” entries, but the Sweet Potato Pie baked by Ashlee from Occupational Therapy took top honors.



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  1. Elly 6 years Reply

    Hello, This is Elly Redford. I do wonder if you have any data for your clients (demographics and any else that does not include personal information). This is for one of my papers I need to do for my assignment (as a mental health counseling graduate student at Capella University).

    The name of this place wouldn’t be mentioned in my paper due to confidentiality. I need your help with providing the data (no names included).

    Thank you for your assistance.
    SIncerely, Elly Redford

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