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Myra Ricard, Program Director at Barrier Free Living’s Freedom House emergency domestic violence shelter was one of the women honored at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agency’s (FPWA) Women in Human Services Hall of Fame ceremony on March 13, 2018 in Albany.

“I am very honored,” says Myra. “I have been doing this work for many years. It’s a passion for me and I will continue to do work with domestic violence survivors for years to come,.”

FPWA honored notable women in human services from past to present times at the event.

FPWA notes that the human services workforce is 81% women and states that “On March 13th, we honor some of the women providing critical services across New York. We must invest in women like these to ensure nonprofits can recruit and retain quality staff, and so our communities do not lose leaders like these. Strong Nonprofits supports key investments in this years budget: $23 million to fund the minimum wage for nonprofits that contract with the State, and $65 million for salary adjustments for human services workers left out of last year’s direct care increase. ”

The Women in Human Services Hall of Fame honorees come from across the state of New York, nominated by their peers and elected officials in recognition of the tireless work.

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