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A resident of BFL’s Freedom House Emergency Shelter shares gratitude and hope.

“As many of our families, I came from a place of despair, my children and I unsure of what would happen next, had to flee for our lives.  When I came to the pick up location, I was nervous and scared.  This woman approached me so shy like and kind.  She said “Hi, calling my name softly, I said yes” and my new life began.  When I arrived at the building I was amazed.  It was so big and clean, I signed a paper, and was given a brief but through tour.  When they brought me upstairs to my room I figured I would be sharing with another family.  The room was empty, It was huge!!! Clean and nice.  I began to cry, I asked where the other family was, the ladies laughed saying “this is your own quarters.”  I began to cry again, I was so happy so were my kids.  From the very beginning the staff has cared, they made me feel their kindness and compassion through it all.  I loved all the groups offered and my children adored the childcare program.  I believe that I have learned vital skills necessary for me to live in the real world, and be safe, all from Freedom House.  My experience has been life altering in all the best ways, I will never forget what Barrier Free Living and Freedom House has done for my family.  Thank God for Freedom House!!! “

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