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In addition to collaborations with groups like Winter Wishes and The Church of the Holy Trinity  Barrier Free Living is grateful to individuals donating toys to the kids at our domestic violence programs this season.

Jason recently learned of our mission – working with survivors of domestic violence with disabilities – and decided to check out our amazon charity wish list, where he found toy suggestions.

We reached out to Jason about being a brand new supporter.

BFL: What led you to donate toys to the kids at Barrier Free Living this year?

Jason: My cup runneth over, and I had some pretty lean christmases as a kid. One of which was in a similar place (as BFL) and a couple in the back of a car. I’m glad to do what I can to bring a little magic into people’s life. Christmas and toys are just magical enough to bring a smile into a really tough time.

BFL: What inspires you about the work BFL does?

Jason:  I’d need a lot of space for this. I’ll just say that people who show up for other people when they need it and how they need it are OK in my book, and I’m proud to stand beside them and do some small part.

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