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Alexis Perez, a famed ping pong champ, is teaching the kids at BFL Apartments the art of the game.

Perez has been meeting with the kids at the supportive housing complex in the Bronx three times a week since June.

“The children have not missed a day of lessons and have been able to develop their own style of playing ping pong,” says Julie Pena, director at BFL Apartments.

The kids received sports shoes, as part of being on the team. Perez is a multi-time winning champion, including the table tennis US Open of 2004.

“Throughout my career, I have taught table tennis to children of all ages and adults within the United States and internationally, building teams to compete,” says Perez.

Since 2003 he has been the table tennis coach for the New York Athletic Club and Spin Club of NYC.

In 2016, Perez taught table tennis for after school and summer programs with the NYC Board of Education to provide a structured safe environment for children in the South Bronx.

“This (teaching at BFL Apartments) has been a rewarding experience,” he says. “The lessons help to build self-esteem, confidence, social and interpersonal skills and have better communications skills.”

View the team in action

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