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Spread the Sparkle will host a special Easter event for residents and participants at Barrier Free Livings’ Freedom House and Secret Garden Domestic Violence programs.

The event, for singles and families, will include a sumptuous meal prepared by special chefs and a performance by an opera singer. Spread the Sparkle Founder Abbey LeVine shares her story on how this new organization got started:

After decades of unsuccessfully looking for ways to be of service on popular holidays, the founders of Spread the Sparkle created one.

On Christmas Eve 2014, Abbey LeVine posted that she had two extra seats at her holiday dinner party and fourteen people responded. All became welcome. At that dinner was Brenda Fredericks Marino, who called the next day looking for some leftovers to bring to a  woman from Craigslist requesting Christmas goodies. When the woman saw the fresh pumpkin bread, pork roast, winter jacket and blanket provided by the two friends, she wept with gratitude.

And in that moment of magic, an organization was launched.

Spread the Sparkle offers a home for the holidays by creating events for individuals and kids who have no prior traditions. We believe family is crucial to happiness and that every act of kindness improves the world.

Abbey says: “We are thrilled to partner with Barrier Free Living for our very first event on Easter, April 5, 2015.  We anticipate a huge success and hope a longstanding, familial relationship will be born.

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