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After two decades as a dedicated member of the Barrier Free Living team, Robert McKinzie opens up about what led him to the agency and what keeps him here. 

BFL: When did you first join BFL?

Robert: I joined Barrier Free Living in 2000 as a volunteer at the facility on the lower east side ( 270). A few months after that opportunity ended, I was offered a part time position. I was very grateful.

BFL: What is your position now?

Robert: I’m now working at Freedom House as a full time resident aide.

BFL: What first led you to apply to BFL?

Robert:  I didn’t really apply. I was referred by a Social Services Agency. But when I got here, I really enjoyed what I did.

BFL: What has made it a good place to work for you?

Robert: I enjoy meeting different people.

BFL: Do you have a favorite memory of a day at work, or a moment during your years here?

Robert: I remember bringing a new family to Freedom House for the first time. The mom was so overwhelmed when she saw the room for the first time that she burst into tears. Moments like that remind me of why I’m here.

BFL: Any favorite hobbies?

Robert: I work a lot. But when I’m done paying all my bills, I like to shop.

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