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The Uncomfortable Conversation grew out of the TEDx talk Sarah Beaulieu gave last year and long-time work with organizations supporting survivors of sexual violence.

Since then, she’s logged hundreds of hours talking to men and others and immersing herself in what makes sexual violence and harassment such a polarizing and uncomfortable topic. The most interesting discovery throughout this journey has been the realization that men and women alike have little idea how to talk about sexual violence, a startling prospect given how unfortunately prevalent it is in our society – and our media dialogue – today.

This void led her to create The Uncomfortable Conversation, a channel with more than 50 short-form videos that show how conversations about this issue can be normalized in multiple contexts – with men in mind. The soft-launch received local media coverage in the Philadelphia Metro (where she was dubbed the bro-whisperer) and WHYY, and the project was featured at the Calling All Crows 10th Anniversary Day of Action, the ITVFest, and an upcoming event at HBO.

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