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A tweet from United to End Homelessness has gained attention. UEH tweeted: More people were homeless last night than voted in the Republican primary. Please RT if you think 57,000 homeless NYers is unacceptable.

View the tweet, click here.

UEH is a coalition of advocates, homeless and formerly homeless individuals, service providers, faith leaders, and experts on the issue of homelessness in New York City.  UEH also wrote:

New York City held its high-profile primary elections earlier this week. As candidates now prep for the general election on November 5, we at the United to End Homelessness campaign are struck by a single number from the September 10 primary: 56,766. That’s how many Republicans voted for mayor in the city.

Reading that number, we can’t help but come to a grim conclusion: On Election Day, more New Yorkers slept in shelters or on the streets than voted in the Republican primary.

Every night, roughly 50,000 of our friends and neighbors sleep in the city’s shelter system. An additional 7,000 individuals sleep in non-city shelters or on the streets. We formed our coalition because this number – 57,000 – hasn’t been this high since the Great Depression.






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