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Hoping to help break the cycle of violence and to provide a “voice for the voiceless” author Samantha Taylor shares her hopes and goals around her searing new book “Victim to Victor.”*

When and why did you decide to write the book?

ST: I decided to write Victim to Victor in 2017. I was encouraged to write a book after I explained the complications, mindsets, perspectives, misunderstandings, and parts of my experience as it relates to intimate partner violence to a friend.

Did you face fear or hesitation in sharing this story?

ST: I did face fear and hesitation throughout the writing and publication process. I was hesitant and fearful to tell my story as I wondered what unforeseen consequences I would face.

Who do you hope to reach with the book?

ST: When I sat out to write Victim to Victor my primary concern was women who were caught in the cycle of abuse with a perspective that they could not/ do not see how they could break free safely and thrive in life. Thus, parts of the book are written specifically for victims and survivors of abuse. Throughout the writing, my experience and instincts led me to write proportions of the book specifically for counselors, family, friends and the support system for victims of abuse. Also, parts of the book were written for students of life; to educate on warning signs, red flags, pathology of abusers and social or psychological conditions that might be a hint to the possibility of being predisposed to abuse.

What do you hope, in your dream, could the book help to achieve or change?

ST: On an individual basis I hope that anyone, regardless of their age, gender, race and socio-economic conditions will be inspired, strengthened and encouraged.  That they will receive a different perspective and a new mindset to break and stay free from intimate partner violence. I hope that the book will provide comfort and ease. That readers will discover (know) their strength, be emboldened to run (break free) for their lives. I hope that victims and survivors of abuse will be prompted to embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, healing and giving themselves closure.

On a systematic basis, I hope it will be a voice for the voiceless and a call to action. I hope it will be a vehicle that transports lobbyists and or legislators to place where laws that protect and equip victims and survivors of abuse to transition to victors, are made and or improved. I hope Victim to Victor: Breaking free from Intimate Partner Violence into a life of Healing, Joy, and Strength will help to educate and disabuse false notions.

*Samantha will be a special guest speaker at Barrier Free Living’s Clothesline Project on October 11 (see related story on this page).

 For more information about Samanthat visit or follow her at:

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