A leader is a dealer in hope

Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman

Meet our board, leadership and program teams.

BFL Leadership

BFL Holding Directors

Gerald A. Francese, Esq. – Chairperson
Dr. Randolph Mowry, PhD, CRC – Secretary
Malcolm Wattman, Esq. – Treasurer
Lenore Neier
Daniel O’Connor, CPA
Frank Ikonero Mugabi, Esq.
Robert C. Foote III, Esq.
Alejandro Ramirez

John F. Fritts, Esq.
Legal Consultant

Freedom House Directors

Sally N. MacNichol, MDiv, PhD – Chair
Trisha Choi – Secretary
Ravi Kotru
Lenore Neier

Leadership Team

Executive Team

  • Paul B. Feuerstein – President/CEO
  • LeShan Gaulman, MSW – Chief Operations Officer
  • Cynthia Amodeo, LMHC – Chief Program Officer

Administrative Team

  • Yueqin Li – Director of Finance/Accounting
  • Scott Hess, MFA – Director of Communications
  • Aeilushi Mistry – HR and Organizational Development Manager

Program Directors/Managers

OVW Collaborative

  • Laura Fidler, MPH – BFL Project Director/OVW Collaborative

Freedom House Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter for People with Disabilities

  • Myra Ricard, LMSW – Freedom House Program Director
  • Sara Eldridge, LMSW – Assistant Director of Social Services
  • Maritza Gomez – Freedom House Coordinator
  • Linette Holmes – Resident Aide Manager

Secret Garden Community Based Domestic Violence Program

  • Jules Perkel, LCSW – Secret Garden Program Director
  • Kaylen Hagadorn, LCSW – Secret Garden Assistant Program Director

Supportive Housing (BFL Apartments, South Bronx)

  • Julie Pena, MSW – Program Director Barrier Free Living Apartments
  • Rodney Jean, MPH  – Director of Social Services Barrier Free Living Apartments
  • Edwin Nolasco – Resident Aide Manager Barrier Free Living Apartments

Deaf Service Initiative/CJII Collaborative

  • Myra Ricard, LMSW
  • Jules Perkel, LCSW
  • Kaylen Hagadorn, LCSW
  • Cynthia Amodeo, LMHC
  • Laura Fidler, MPH

BFL Leadership Changes In 2018 

Barrier Free Living has had leadership changes in 2018.

LeShan A. Gaulman, LMSW, formerly Program Director at BFL’s Transitional Housing program became the agency’s Chief Operating Officer.

Cynthia Amodeo, LMHC, formerly Director of Social at BFL’s Freedom House domestic violence shelter became the agency’s Chief Program Officer.

Other staff changes include Rodney Jean, MPH joining Barrier Free Living Apartments as the Director of Social Services, and Sara Eldridge, LMSW formerly a social worker at Freedom House taking on the role of Assistant Director of Social Services there.

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