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Generous donors brought light and joy to Barrier Free Living’s (BFL) programs for survivors of domestic violence with disabilities this Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine Community Project delivered beautiful gift bags to our programs (photo above) for another year (donating since 2021!). Additionally, the Corporate Pero Latinos (partnering with Wine on Wheels) are also donating items to the programs this Valentine’s season.

“We are so grateful to our many in-kind donors. They bring an extra bit of joy to our programs throughout the year,” says Scott Hess, BFL Director of Communications & Development (photo below).


About the donors:

Wine on Wheels:  We bring people together from across the hospitality industry to pour wines, socialize, and raise funds to empower people with disabilities to realize their full potential.

Corporate Pero Latinos: At Corporate Pero Latinos, we are driven by a powerful mission: to facilitate social & professional connections through shared experiences while encouraging our members to give back to the community.

The Valentine Community Project: The Valentine Community Project is a Stone Soup effort to make Valentine’s day a little brighter for survivors of domestic abuse living in temporary housing. Each year a diverse group of friends, neighbors, strangers, and folks who might not imagine they have anything in common come together to create, share, and spread love. It turns out love is contagious! In ten years the project has grown from 17 bags in 2013 for a single shelter, to over 500 gift bags for fourteen shelters 2023.

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