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Tamara Willis joined  Barrier Free Living (BFL) this summer as an intern working with our Occupational Therapy team. We caught up with Tamara (photo above) while she was participating in a gardening day project on the patio of our transitional housing program to talk about growth in all of its forms.

BFL: Tell us a little about you Tamara.

Tamara: I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, NY. I attended undergrad at Delaware State University. Once I received my bachelor’s degree, I began attending Columbia University for my master’s in Occupational Therapy. Queens will always have my heart, but in the future who knows where I will end up living.

BFL: What attracted to intern at BFL?

Tamara: What attracted me most was the way in which BFL values assisting individuals with disabilities. The staff ensures that residents and clients receive the best services that promote independence despite their level of disability and skill. Transitional Housing aids clients in obtaining permanent housing, and giving them the tools necessary to excel within the community post discharge, and that is exactly what occupational therapy is about.

BFL: What do you hope to accomplish this summer? Any particular areas of growth?

Tamara: I would like to change the perception of what it is that OT students do here at the facility. I would like residents to learn that it is possible to develop and/or recover the daily living skills they need in order to improve or maintain their independence. Overall, I just want to grow as a student and a professional, and with the help of BFL, the residents, and the staff, I am sure I will be able to do so.

BFL: What’s next in your life?

Tamara: Post completion of my fieldwork experience at BFL, I will be completing my last year of OT school and entering the field. I plan on getting as much experience as I can with various populations in order to broaden my scope of practice.

BFL: Hobbies, interests?

Tamara: I really enjoy traveling and spending time with my family! Each year I plan on traveling to a new location, and enjoying the different sceneries around the world. There’s just something about traveling to a new location, and seeing a different side of the world that leaves me speechless every time.

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