BFL Apartments Thanksgiving Event

Barrier Free Living apartments, which opened summer of 2015, held a Thanksgiving dinner celebration for tenants and their families on November 24.

Program Director Thomas Obrzut worked with the coordinator of BFL’s Occupational Therapy program Patricia Motus to create a buffet and celebratory atmosphere. The event was made possible due to a private donation.

Learn more about how to support events like this at Barrier Free Living.

Barrier Free Living Apartments, a two building complex of 120 apartments in the Bronx,  provides safe, accessible homes to families with a head of household who is a survivor of domestic violence and who has a disability.  We also have studios for singles (survivors of domestic violence with a disability; veterans with disabilities.)

Our in-house support services include counseling, occupational therapy and support groups.



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ABC News Story BFL’s Freedom House Domestic Violence Shelter (Broadcast Jan. 2013)

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Axis Offers Breathtaking Vision Of Integrated Dance

AXIS photo - by David DeSilva. Dancers Julie Crothers, Nick Brentley, Dwayne Scheuneman, and Sophie Stanley

I headed to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on November 17 to see the Axis Dance Company, expecting an enjoyable evening out of the city. What I experienced was a jaw-dropping, awe inspiring night of integrated dance performance.

The show, which includes performers with and without disabilities working together, featured a trio of moving dances: Dix minutes plus tard by Sonya Delwaide; Divide, by Marc Brew; to go again by Joe Goode. The pieces, both individually and as a program, got at the heart of not only what it is to live with a disability, but what it is to be human.

“Our mission is to change the face of dance and disability,” says Judith Smith, Axis Artistic Director and Founder.

Founded in 1987, AXIS paved the way for physically integrated dance.  Since its inception, AXIS has expanded from in-house choreographers to various commissions from outside the company.

“We want to weave physically integrated dance into the fabric of this country,” says Judith.”The art speaks for itself. You go away with a different idea of human potential and what’s possible.”

In May 0f 2016, through funding from the Doris Duke foundation, AXIS Dance Company is hosting a national convening to discuss the future of physically integrated dance in the United States with key stakeholders in the field at Gibney Dance in New York City.

During three days of conversations among key stakeholders from the field of physically integrated dance, participants will explore the opportunities for integrated dance and barriers to dance for dancers with physical disabilities. This landmark event will also welcome physically integrated dance experts from the UK, whose exemplary programming offers innovative models and fruitful directions for physically integrated dance in North America.



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AXIS Dance Co. Performs Nov. 17 NJ Performing Arts Center

Axis Dance will perform Nov. 17 at 7pm at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Seen on So You Think You Can Dance! AXIS Dance Company is one of the world’s leading and most innovative ensembles of dancers with and without disabilities.Paving the way for physically integrated dance, each year AXIS shares its cutting-edge artistic and education/outreach work with thousands all over the world.AXIS exists to change the face of dance and disability.

Founded in 1987, AXIS emerged at a time when the Disabilities Rights and Independent Living Movement were making strides and the dance community was beginning to open its doors to people with disabilities. Artistic Director Judith Smith has taken AXIS to new heights by collaborating with leading contemporary choreographers and composers, such as Bill T. Jones, Stephen Petronio, Meredith Monk and David Dorfman.

With more than 75 works in its repertory, AXIS has toured major dance venues and festivals in more than 100 cities nationwide, Europe and the Soviet Union.

Tickets: $20 – $35


New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), located in downtown Newark New Jersey, is among the largest performing arts centers in the United States.  NJPAC is the artistic, cultural, educational and civic center of New Jersey; where great performances and events enhance and transform lives every day. As New Jersey’s Town Square, NJPAC brings diverse communities together, providing access to all and showcasing not only the state’s, but the world’s best artists while acting as a leading catalyst in the revitalization of its home city. Through its extensive Arts Education programs, NJPAC is shaping the next generation of artists and arts enthusiasts. Since opening its doors in 1997, NJPAC has attracted over eight million visitors (including more than one million children) in its continuing mission to nurture meaningful and lasting relationships with each of its constituents.

In association with the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience at Rutgers University-Newark.

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