BFL Apartments Launches Tenant Summer Garden Club

BFL Apartments kicked off its tenant Garden Club this memorial day weekend.

Working with the occupational therapy team and Director of Communications Scott Hess, the tenant’s garden club began their summer meetings on the roof, planting a variety of blooms.

The club plans to plant vegetables and additional flowers, as well as having a summer luncheon for its members.



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Georgette Delinois, Director of BFL Secret Garden Program, Retires

Georgette Delinois, Director of Barrier Free Living’s Secret Garden domestic violence program has retired.

“After nearly 14 years of service at Barrier Free Living (BFL) as the director of the Non-Residential Domestic Violence ProgramAKA Secret Garden, I am happily retiring to be with my family.” says Delinois. “I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude to BFL for the opportunity to work at Secret Garden, to meet many great people in the field and to become the better and wiser therapist that I am today. Thank you. “

Georgette has also done extensive humanitarian work in Haiti.

Photo: Georgette Delinois receiving an award for humanitarian work in Haiti.

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BFL Beading Group Launches At Domestic Violence Programs

Barrier Free Living’s Occupational Therapy team launched a beading stress management group at the agency’s domestic violence programs this May.

The group explores “the functions and value of beading as a stress management coping mechanism, to foster creativity, improve communication skills, practice/enhance/develop fine motor-visual perceptual-and cognitive skills, and build a sense of community.”

There are three bracelet patterns that range from easier to more difficult in order to accommodate each person’s individual skill level and functioning. Bracelets will be used as gifts at domestic violence related agency events.


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Parachute Literary Arts Launches Youth Poetry Library

Photo of Amanda Deutch: Raymond Adams

Parachute Literary Arts has launched a youth poetry library at the Association to Benefit Children in East Harlem.

The launch event, held May 16, 2016 4:00-5:30 at the Association’s Bistro Room, 1841 Park Avenue at 126th street, will include readings by Poet Sheila Maldonado and ABC Youth. Refreshments will be served.

Amanda Deutch , Artistic Director and Founder of Parachute Literary Arts created the youth library. Publishers who generously donated books include: Arte Público Press, D.U.C., Northwestern University Press, Penguin Random House, Ugly Duckling Presse



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