Breaking Barriers In DV Sept. 2014 Purposeful Parenting

By Cynthia Amodeo, Director of Family Services, Barrier Free Living’s Freedom House Emergency Shelter.

July was Purposeful Parenting month, which led to a flurry of articles, Facebook posts and twitter bites regarding the concept.  In general, Purposeful Parenting aims to build healthy relationships with children, to understand a child’s development and to help them grow in a way that emphasizes their potential.  Being “purposeful” in parenting can include meeting a child’s essential needs (bathing, feeding) or involve more complicated issues of socialization, discipline, and communication.

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National Environmental Supports Freedom House Maintenance Team

Howard Cain at National Environmental, which supplies janitorial materials to Freedom House, donated uniform shirts to the maintenance team in support of the program’s mission.

John Macias, Facility Manager at Freedom House, said the new shirts featuring the agency logo were a great addition to team building for his hard working staff.


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People With Disabilities Rarely Enter Politics, Says Professor

The Huffington Post Reports: A New Brunswick university professor is calling attention to the need to overcome barriers people with disabilities face in politics after discovering an “extremely low” number of them enter public life.

Mario Levesque, a political science professor at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., said his research, which dealt with people with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities, is in its early stages but he is hoping to spark a national conversation on the issue.

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Out Magazine Feature On Veteran Alex Minsky

First featured on the BFL New Visions Blog in October 2012 Alex Minsky (image by Tim Cullis) is featured in the August 2014 issue of Out Magazine.

Out Reports:

Alex Minsky was just a young Marine, less than a month into his first tour in Afghanistan in 2009, when his body was brutally ravaged by a roadside bomb. Minsky lost his leg and fell into a 47-day coma. While in recovery, he also plunged into depression and started abusing alcohol until it was clear he had to put the brakes on his downward spiral.

Just after Minsky decided to quit drinking, a man approached him at the gym and asked him if he’d pose for photographs. Within months, Minsky was all over the Web in sexy underwear shots that showed off not only his tattoos but his prosthetic leg. He’s since become a pinup star with fans around the world. “I’m not working on becoming America’s Next Top Model,” Minsky says. “I’m just working on being me again.”

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