Healing of Memories Newsletter Released

Institute for Healing of Memories, Director Fr. Michael Lapsley released the groups annual newsletter, noting that: “We have come to the end of the year. For the Restoring Humanity Youth project of the Institute for the Healing of Memories it has been a year of growth. Our last newsletter for [...]

New Director Joins BFL Transitional Housing Team

LeShan Gaulman spent a good deal of time at Barrier Free Living before signing on this January as the new Transitional Housing Program Director. “For the past three years I have been Independence Care System’s (ICS) Social Service Coordinator for BFL, working on site at BFL’s Transitional Housing Program,” said [...]

Alive Again Documentary Garners Raves

Theresa Sareo is a New York-based singer/songwriter. In June 2002 she was struck by an impaired driver and her injuries forced the amputation of her right leg. Since the accident she has also become a motivational speaker, and has appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live and in New York Magazine. [...]

Holiday Fund Raiser for Freedom House

Anne K. Markowitz, L.C.S.W., a consultant providing workshops around the topic of anger for Barrier Free Living, held a special fund raising event in her home this month, raising more than $1,000 in cash and gift cards for the residents of BFL’s  Freedom House Emergency Shelter. Markowitz, who has worked [...]

HSC Leadership Award Reception Draws Leaders and Luminaries

The HSC Leadership Awards Reception on Dec. 12 drew a host of leaders and luminaries, applauding the work of the not-for-profit services sector. Honorees and attendees enjoyed a sumptuous buffet and a stunning skyline view from the 35th floor of Mutual of America.  

FEGS Job Club for Survivors of Family Violence

FEGS’s Center for Women and Families has a New Job Club for survivors of Family Violence.  View Info. Flyer here. The FEGS’s Center for Women and Families Job Club is a FREE group for job seekers.  The Job Club offers: *       Assessment *       Resume [...]

Secret Garden Money Matters Group Empowers Survivors

BFL’s Secret Garden is holding its winter Money Matters group weekly on Mondays. The group guides survivors to learn strong habits and empowerment tools around issues involving finance, credit and money management (video clip at right). To  View the video here. To learn more email

BFL Offers Largest DV Intervention Program in the Country

In his introduction to BFL’s recently launched Domestic Violence and Disability expertise web page,  President/CEO Paul Feuerstein points out that the agency has  “the largest DV intervention program in the country.” Feuerstein states that: “In 1986, I hired Liz Lederman, a new graduate from NYU’s Deafness Rehabilitation Master’s Program, to [...]

HSC Honors BFL’s Scott Hess With Leadership Award

BFL’s Organizational Development Manager Scott Hess (pictured fourth from left) was honored on Dec. 12 with the Human Services Council’s Next Generation Leadership award at the annual awards reception on the stunning 35th floor of Manhattan’s Mutual of America. Honorees were noticed for advocacy, influence and community service. Click here [...]

Treaty for the disabled falls short of ratification

Senator John Kerry made an impassioned plea for ratifying a treaty aimed at advancing the rights of the blind and disabled across the globe, urging the US Congress to do for the world what has already been accomplished here to protect Americans with disabilities. Supporters fell six votes short of the [...]

Freedom House Resident Shares Gratitidue

In a letter to Freedom House Program Director Isa Martinez and her staff, a resident recently shared her gratitude at being safe and on the path to a renewed life as the holidays approach. The mother of two wrote: “Since I have been here at Freedom House I have accomplished [...]

UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities December 3

This year’s theme for the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities is: Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all. Over one billion people, or approximately 15 per cent of the world’s population, live with some form of disability. Persons with disabilities, “the world’s largest minority”, [...]

BFL Kids Create Holiday Greetings

The kids of BFL’s Secret Garden and Freedom House programs created cards to thank supporters, friends and donors to the agency this season, like the one pictured by Emily, age 9.  BFL friends who post a message on our holiday page with their contact information receive a reply card from [...]

Transitional Housing Thanksgiving for Residents & Staff

Transitional Housing and Secret Garden programs had a combined celebration for the Thanksgiving Holiday, serving residents and consumers of both programs along with staff.  Live entertainment was provided by Hospital Audiences and the BFL Occupational Therapy team helped decorate and plan the event.

Half the Sky Movement Highlights AWARE & Freedom House

The Half the Sky Movement, which is ‘cutting across platforms to ignite the change needed to put an end to the oppression of women and girls worldwide’ highlighted the work of AWARE: Assisting Women Through Action, Resources and Education in a recent blog post. The article points out that AWARE  [...]

Self-Defense Among Women With Disabilities

Former BFL Secret Garden team member Molly Burke  Freyer co authored (with Michelle S. Ballan) the report: Self-Defense Among Women With Disabilities An Unexplored Domain, stating that ‘Women with disabilities are frequent victims of domestic violence, yet scant research has examined self-protective mechanisms that could mitigate this abuse.’ View the [...]

BFL Launches Domestic Violence & Disability Expertise Page

BFL has launched a website page specific to facts and information around its expertise on the topics of Domestic Violence and Disability.  Click link below to view the BFL team’s culling of reports to create a critical ‘Do You Know’ sheet, with items like: Do you know: The number one [...]

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Women’s Rights News is part of the 16 days of activism against gender violence (through Dec. 10) where: Living free from violence is a human right, yet millions of women and girls suffer disproportionately from violence both in peace and in war, at the hands of the state, in the [...]

Rust And Bone Shines Light on Living With a Disability

Scoring big at film fests and gaining Oscar buzz, Rust and Bone according to the Star Ledger’s Stephen Whitty may require “rethinking what we thought we knew – about love, about sex, about disability – is what “Rust and Bone” is about. Be careful, the film warns us — we [...]

Disabled people especially vulnerable in calamities such as Sandy

Evacuating during Hurricane Sandy was a nightmare for the able-bodied, but many disabled New Yorkers felt a frightening level of despair and abandonment. Read the AM New York story.

HSU Highlights Team Spirit at BFL

Homeless Services United gave a shout out to the work of dedicated team members at BFL’s Transitional Housing Program in their latest newsletter. Located on the Lower East Side, the Transitional Housing Program had a core of staff members working above and beyond during Hurricane Sandy, including David Rodriguez and [...]

WABC Visits Freedom House

Emmy Award winning journalist Lauren Glassberg (pictured front left) visited BFL’s Freedom House Emergency shelter to shoot footage for a story to air in December. Glassberg spoke with Freedom House Program Director Isa Martinez (pictured front right) and members of her team, along with BFL CEO Paul Feuerstein (pictured front [...]

NYC Industries for the Blind Exhibit

NYC Industries for the Blind Exhibition features a site-specific installation that activates sight, sound, smell, and touch.This exhibition was launched in conjunction with Art Connects New York’s Art Placement Program, an initiative that matches curators with social service agencies to permanently install artwork in their facilities; artwork which actively reflects [...]

DFN Fund for People with Disabilities Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

The Disability Funders Network (DFN) Rapid Response Fund is being activated to help nonprofit organizations meet the immediate and long-term needs of people with disabilities in North Eastern regions impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The DFN Rapid Response Fund will offer mini-grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to meet specific needs such [...]

13th Step Group Provides Backpacks to BFL Kids

Thanks to a generous donation from the 13th Step Group, the children of the Secret Garden program received backpacks.

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